Living with dementia

As you grow older it may be that memory loss becomes a problem. Stress, tiredness, certain illnesses and medications are known to affect loss of memory which can be very irritating and frustrating on occasion. If this is happening more frequently, affecting your daily life and worrying you we recommend seeking help from the GP.

If you are particularly over the age of 65 and are experiencing symptoms of becoming more and more forgetful it please contact your GP to discuss the early signs of dementia.

Around 800,000 people in the UK are living with dementia. 1/3 people will develop dementia over the age of 65 and 2/3 of those with dementia are women.

What is dementia?

Dementia is a syndrome (group of associated symptoms) that correspond to the deterioration of brain and its abilities. This include symptoms such as:

- memory loss
- mental agility
- thinking speeds
- judgement
- understanding
- language

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The Effects of Dementia

Dementia is a common condition.Your risk increases as you grow older and as previously mentioned, this condition is more associated with those aged 65 or over. People suffering with dementia often experience problems controlling their emotions and become uninterested in their usual activities. Socialising and and social situations may also become difficult for them to process as aspects of their personality are liable to change.

Dementia affects the mental abilities of the brain and therefore those suffering from it may also experience difficulty planning and organising. Someone suffering with dementia will often need help from family and friends as it is very common problem try to maintain their independence.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

- periods of mental confusion
- depression
- difficulty with tasks that require a level of concentration and planning
- changes in mood and personality
- trouble finding the right words

Contact your GP and they will explain memory loss causes with you including dementia. Most types of dementia cannot be cured although if detected early enough there are ways to slow down the deterioration and maintain mental functionality.

It is extremely important to get an early diagnosis, as support and treatment for those suffering with the condition and those close to them will then be implemented quickly. With treatment and support many people diagnosed with dementia are able to lead very fulfilled and active lives.

Barbara's Dementia Story:

Facts and figures

Around 800,000 people in the UK are living with dementia. 1/3 people will develop dementia over the age of 65 and 2/3 of those with dementia are women.
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