What is Sepsis?

Sepsis is a potentially life threatening condition that causes the body's immune system to go into overdrive in attempt to fight infection. This can reduce the blood travelling to vital organs in the body such as the brain, heart and kidneys. Without treatment sepsis can leave to multiple organ failure and death.

Those at most risk are infants and older adults aged over 55. This Public Health England campaign is primarily focused on children susceptible to sepsis. Aiming to improve the knowledge of sepsis and its symptoms amongst parents and carers of children aged 0-4 years and helping them to know when to seek urgent medical care and advice.

Public Health England

Key Messages:

Sepsis is rare but extremely serious. If your child shows any of the following symptoms you need to take immediate action:

- are breathing very fast
- have a 'convulsion' or 'fit'
- have a rash that does not fade when you press it
- are lethargic and difficult to wake
- feel abnormally cold to touch
- look mottled, pale or bluish

Ring 999 immediately or go straight to A&E

Facts and figures

Did you know that Sepsis is more common than a heart attack and claims more lives than any cancer?
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