Medical Cannabis

Working with the UKs leading medical cannabis provider, Curaleaf Clinic, we’re helping to make medical cannabis more accessible to those who can benefit from it.

Your medical cannabis journey


Clinic approval

If the clinic has deemed medical cannabis an appropriate treatment, you will receive approval and your prescription will be sent to your nominated pharmacy.


Confirmation and ordering

When we receive your prescription from the clinic we will give you a ring to confirm we have received your prescription and to request payment before ordering.


Efficient dispensing

Once your order arrives, it will be dispensed, checked, and packed within 24 hours.


Easy collection

As soon as your prescription is ready for collection, we will send you a text to let you know.

Am I Eligible?

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Is medical cannabis legal in the UK?

Medical cannabis has been legal in the UK since November 2018 if it has been prescribed by a doctor. The doctor must be a specialist prescriber and registered with he General Medical Council (GMC).

You need a prescription to get medical cannabis and to see your specialist prescriber, when
required, for follow-up appointments.

What form does medical cannabis come in?

The medical cannabis we can get from our suppliers comes in five main forms:

  1. Dried medical cannabis flower
  2. Medical cannabis oil
  3. Medical cannabis capsules
  4. Medical cannabis pastilles
  5. Medical cannabis liquid vape cartridges

The type of medical cannabis you will receive will be discussed and prescribed by your doctor.

How much does medical cannabis cost?

As there are lots of different forms and strengths, the cost of medical cannabis depends on your prescription.

As medical cannabis is currently not covered by the NHS the things you will need to consider are:

  • The form of the medical cannabis product,
  • The amount you need to last you one month
  • Cost of the appointments with a specialist doctor
  • Cost of new or repeat prescriptions

Do I qualify for medical cannabis?

To find out if medical cannabis is right for you, you need to speak to a specialist doctor that is able to prescribe medical cannabis.

Depending on your condition and other treatment options you have tried, the specialist prescriber might decide that you qualify for medical cannabis.

You can find a specialist prescriber at certain hospitals or medical cannabis clinics like Curaleaf Clinic.

How is medical cannabis different from CBD products?

Unlike CBD products, which can be bought at online, at shops, and from pharmacies, medical cannabis contains THC and needs to be prescribed by doctors that are specialist prescribers.

CBD products shouldn’t legally contain any THC and are manufactured in a different way to medical cannabis.

Who can prescribe medical cannabis in the UK?

Only doctors that are specialist medical cannabis prescribers that are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) are able to prescribe medical cannabis.

To find out if medical cannabis could help you visit Curaleaf Clinic.

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Other Services

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Trish Goddard

5 yellow stars
I have recently changed to this chemist and I must say there is never a problem with prescriptions and medication. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff, very satisfied customer.

Louise Swinn

5 yellow stars
I’ve had nothing but excellent customer service from all the staff at this pharmacy. Nothing is too much trouble, I am grateful for the person centered care & attention I receive here. Very grateful for your help, advice and support. (The pharmacy where i was before were so I do appreciate really great service as I have experienced the really bad)

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I’ve visited this pharmacy on numerous occasions over the last 14 years and every time, I have had first-class service and genuinely helpful advice (and discretion where necessary).

Annie Holman

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Flu and Covid Vaccination
Perfect all round. Convenient location, easy booking process online, easy, free parking. Very well organised service, great, friendly staff and even saw me straightaway having turned up an hour early by mistake. Much quicker than going to the GP, will definitely use again.

Derek & Chris Hardy

5 yellow stars
Flu Vaccination
My wife and I have just had the flu vaccination and are both really impressed by the highly efficient service. This pharmacy was very well laid out to do the vaccinations and maintain adequate distancing and minimal waiting. The staff who attended to us were well organised, very friendly and professional. We are very happy with our experience.

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