Wilsons Complete Care

Our Wilsons Complete Care (WCC) department offers a bespoke service for patients from start to finish. It is aimed to help patients that have difficulty organising and correctly administering their medicines. Their aim to provide each patient with an efficient and personal service, helping them with their repeat prescriptions.

Patients are referred to the WCC department by local Derby GP surgeries, carers associations, family members and hospitals when patients require the specific level of care that Wilsons can offer.

When a patient is first referred all details of the patient are recorded. Our WCC Pharmacist then travels out to see each patient individually in the comfort of their own homeĀ to assess the patients’ levels of compliance and also introduce them to the Complete Care Service. During this time the pharmacist will explain the different types of compliance aid available and based on their assessment will advise on the best form of aid for each specific patient. This assessment also involves an MUR (Medicine Usage Review) allowing the patients to have a confidential conversation with the pharmacist about their prescribed medicines and if unsure – ask the pharmacist questions about their medication.

Once the assessment has been completed it is then the responsibility of the department Prescription Clerk to order and ensure the prescriptions will be collected by our one of the assigned delivery drivers. Once the prescription is collected it can then be clinically and accuracy checked, dispensed and then sent through to production.

The Complete Care Service offers 2 different forms of compliance aid packaging. Clear-view Blister packs and Original Boxes with MAR (Medication Administration Record) sheets for patients provided with care packagesĀ in order to help provide the best quality mutual services. As previously stated during the pharmacist assessment each patient will be matched to correct form of packaging to suit their compliance aid needs. (See images below)

After the packaging process is complete the department pharmacist will then check the prescription and then release the medications for distribution. We have a team of drivers that deliver to various areas throughout Derby City and Derbyshire in order to provide this service complete to your door.

The Wilsons Complete Care team offer prescription order and delivery services on either a 28 day or 7 day cycle. MAR sheets for carers and home helps for patients and will liaise with carers in order to help provide the best for mutual services. Weekly deliveries are also available for patients taking warfarin and in need of INR testing on a 7 day basis due to maintaining regularly contact with the anti-coagulation department at the Royal Derby Hospital.

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